Eden Animal Haven is a rescue sanctuary based in Stackstead, Bacup. This wonderful animal sanctuary was established by Rodgen in 2018 . Eden Animal Haven is currently home to more than 40 farm animals.

These emotionally, intelligent creatures are too often dismissed as stupid and worthless and yet they show remarkable affection and gentleness once their fear has been dispelled.

They are also equally capable of forming loving bonds, just like any household pet. They recognize faces and will greet people they recognize just as your pet would after your day at work.

Meet some of the animals who call Eden Animal Haven Home!


Guzzlers previous owner did not have the facilities to keep her.


Susie was going to be slaughtered for meat.

Geoff and Lorna

Geoff and Lorna was rescued from a turkey farm.


Helen was found on the road side.


This lovely trio was rescued from a goat farm, where they would have been killed for meat.

Rosie and Blue

Rosie is the mother, blue is the daughter . Sadly their previous owner moved away and could not take them.

“Build a world where all animals are safe, loved and valued”

Why we are here ?

Animals have a right to live their lives free of suffering and exploitation by humans. Eden Animal Haven exists to provide them with love, safety and a permanent home.

As a child and in my adult life , i have always been a animal lover, and been involved in rescuing injured, and abused animals. Eden Animal Haven is a safe and sustainable space to rehabilitate and re-home abused, injured and neglected animals- Rodgen.

“ Support us and change the course of a animal’s life today ! “

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